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Cyber Law
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The Cyber Laws are meant to  control the misusing of technology  and  regulate the criminal activities in the cyberworld through Action under  INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY ACT 2000 and Information Technology (Information Security Practices and Procedures for Protected System) Rules, 2018 as issued by MINISTRY OF ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY https://meity.gov.in/content/notifications to protect the activities governed by  e-commerce, e-governance, e-banking and provides for strict penalty for cyber-crimes committed through a computer system or computer network.

Scope and applicability of Cyber Laws  

  1. Damage to computer data or programs
  2. Unauthorized access
  3. Online Frauds 
  4. Computer sabotage
  5. Unauthorized interception of communications
  6. Computer espionage
  7. Penalties


 Filing of Complaints and contesting of Cyber law cases relating to 

  1. Online Frauds on e-commerce website
  2. Damage of computer, computer system
  3. Tampering with computer source documents
  4. Hacking of Computer system
  5. Online Frauds on e commerce website  
  6. Publishing of obscene information in electronic form
  7. Breach of confidentiality and privacy
  8. Falsification of Digital Signature